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Champagne Foam Rose Headband

  • $ 9.00

Maddyn's Room Champagne Foam Rose Headband

Accessorize with Totes Adorbs, buy maddyn's room designed handmade Champagne Foam Rose Headband.

Buy this luxurious reduced priced headband to add to your fashion and stand out from the crowd! These Headbands will not disappoint. One size fits all! Get your kids headbands as well as yourself, style for the entire family.


Champagne foam rose/two small milky white roses nylon headband.

Fits Newborns all the way to Adults (One Size Fits All)
Very comfortable on anyone and will leave no marks when wearing it.
Flower size: 4 inches x 3 inches 


Maddyn's Room Headbands

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